Some Recent Highlights

Hi guys!

So I decided to update the look of my blog. Please bear with me as it may change slightly over the coming weeks as I am trying to experiment a bit with WordPress. I don’t know why I didn’t use WordPress in the first place but you live and learn.

I spent half of my week in Hamburg for work. I definitely would love to go back at some point and actually be able to explore. I did go on a cool, night-time boat tour of the city.


Obviously it was impossible to take pictures at night on a moving boat. In the snow. But it was really pretty!

I ate at a restaurant called Die Bank and used to be a, well, bank.

The starter was a pea puree with scallops.


The scallops were prepared very well, like little seared cushions.


The fish had some kind of bacon sauce and a side of cucumber salad and potatoes. I wish I knew what kind of fish it was but it was light and flaky.


Dessert was a little mini lava cake with caramels and grapes. Amazing.

Some of my former coworkers from the U.S. also had flown in for the offsite so it was awesome to see them and show them Nuremberg (a little bit, at least).


Anyways, I am super excited for some upcoming trips:

Greece – March 24th through 28th

My parents visit – April 6th through 13th

US – May 3rd through 9th

Kristen and Mark visit during their honeymoon – May 14th through 17th (or around those dates)

And…..Florence and Perugia – June 3rd through June 6th! EEK!!!!




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