Truffle Me


I hope everyone is having a good weekend.

The weather was really nice yesterday, sunny and maybe even in the 50’s. I was working from home but as a break we grabbed empenadas from a teeny cafe called Angelo Eis where the owners spoke Spanish.

FullSizeRender 19.jpg

Each was about the size of our hands and we got 2 beef and 2 chicken to share. The total plus waters came out to only 10 Euro.

For dinner my husband I decided upon the Italian category and stumbled into a restaurant called Padelle d’Italia which we were absolutely blown away by. The menu is fairly unassuming and the restaurant is really small. But super authentic! The staff even spoke Italian. The menu had a lot of seafood, unusual for this part of the world. But the recipes are from Taormina and Salandra in southern Italy which makes sense.

We started off with some Pizza Pane which was pizza bread and essentially white pizza.


We dove into the pizza then realized I needed to take a picture. Oops.

I almost decided on the Saltimbocca but happened to see the specials on a chalkboard. Tagliolini Tartufo with black truffles caught my eye. And this is how it was made.



Then they literally showered my pasta in black truffles.


The creamy pasta coupled with the earthy truffles was just amazing. Tim got the Shrimp Scampi entree that came with vegetables.


The shrimp was cooked with their shells and heads still on, unusual for us Americans. But clearly that made a difference because the shrimp was sooo sweet and delicious.

They even gave us glasses of Limoncello at the end!


The best part was that the bill came to 54 Euros TOTAL including a glass of wine each plus a bottle of water and all of the above food. A meal as authentic as this in the US would easily cost $100 for both of us. I AM NEVER RETURNING TO THE US.

Oh and funny story. When we went to Dunkin’ Donuts last weekend, we had the genius idea of going back and getting ground coffee in a bag. So we go there and see bags all over the store. When we go and try to buy one, we were told they were out of ground coffee. Huh? But that the Hauptbahnhof (the main train station) Dunkin’ Donuts might have them. Luckily it was only another 5 minute walk away. Not having a lot of hope, we went inside and were able to buy a pound of Dunkin’ Donuts Hazelnut coffee. It really tasted amazing and like home. Best decision ever. End funny story.

Anything good going on for you this weekend? We are counting down to GREECE, we leave Thursday morning!!!




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  1. Kamalammaa says:

    You can’t say you’re never going back to the US and talk about Dunkin Donuts coffee tasting like home in the same post. UNACCEPTABLE


    1. Onion Tears says:

      Fiiiiine, I guess you are right about that

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