Failed Sunset But Amazing Trip

Now onto our 3rd and final day in Greece, Sunday.

We started off with, what else, waffles. Well, I had a waffle. Tim had eggs and bacon. And we really wanted Loukoumades which are fried dough balls soaked in syrup. The waiter said he was making the dough and if we were ok with waiting. Sure, no problem. Except he totally forgot and then we had to run to the bus soooo no Loukoumades for us :(.


We were off to the Akrotiri Archeological Site which was south of Fira on the island and took about 20 minutes by bus to get there. The ruins are from as early as the 4th millennium B.C. Settlements were built on top of each other and in the last quarter of the 17th century B.C., there were many earthquakes and the town was abandoned. After that, there was a volcanic eruption that buried the settlement. Similar to Pompeii, a lot of the buildings and artifacts were preserved. Excavation began in 1967 and continues today.




It was pretty cool to see and mind-boggling how old it is.

After this we headed to see Red Beach. Which involved yet another (but short) intense hike.



I wish it was sunnier out but the red was really striking against the blue water.





You can see how large the pebbles were for the sand and the mix of red and black. Red Beach is red due to the iron in the rocks.

We contemplated going to the black beach in Perissa but the bus drove by and it looked like not much was open so we were glad we opted out.

Hunger struck. As usual. And we found a Greek tavern called Ladokolla Taverna.


We paired our Yellow Donkey beers with grilled halloumi with honey and tahini and bread with beetroot dip. Deeee-licious.



I ordered Pork Souvlaki


And Tim ordered Meatballs


They even gave us these yummy cookies for dessert (I have NO idea what they were and I forgot to take pictures. Ha.).

After this, we went back to the hotel for a bit (after avoiding some donkeys)


Then decided to try to catch the sunset in Fira. We found a bar called Crystal Cocktail Bar. There was gorgeous outdoor seating but since it wasn’t that warm, we opted for the indoor window seat.



It ended up being another fail sunset night as there were clouds in the way. But I was able to get some good pictures! This is the view from the bar before sunset, during “sunset,” and in the dark.


After two glasses of wine each, it was time to search for some dinner. Tim walked down the steps as he saw a sign pointing to a restaurant. He came back up and said people were in it so I walked down too. As we walked into the restaurant, there was a group of people hanging out. They said that they weren’t opening until tomorrow. We were just about to walk out when one of them said “but we would love to serve you!” We looked at each other and thought, sure why not? We sat down to an amazing experience.

I’m not sure if he was the owner but he was very excited to serve us. There was no menu but he said he had swordfish and lamb. Sure! And would we like some salad? Ok!

He gave me a glass of red wine and Tim a glass of white wine and some water. Then he brought out a very simple salad that was so fresh, served with pita and bread.


Then we had a block of feta with olive oil. Obvi.


THEN the meals. I had lamb chops with fries and Tim had a LARGE piece of swordfish with roasted potatoes.


Needless to stay, we were absolutely stuffed but content. It was such an awesome experience. We got a private meal and got to talk to the chef. The man was so accommodating and wasn’t the least bothered by these crazy tourists who stumbled into his restaurant before they were open for the season. People would probably pay hundreds of Euros for this experience. We paid under 50. Insane. And a great note to end our Greece trip on. We had to head straight to bed as we had a 4:45am wake-up call to go back to Germany (and back to life, back to reality).


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  1. Mandy says:

    Another great feature that outlines your experiences perfectly!


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