Scenes From A Visit Continued

Now that I’ve left you all in suspense about my parents’ visit, I will continue.

Sunday we decided to take a drive to a small town about an hour away called Rothernburg ob der Tauber. The town is very well preserved with a medieval feel. The town is actually on a plateau and you can look out over the towns and houses below and see the wall surrounding it. It is a major tourist destination in the summer and also during Christmas time as it is home to the famous Käthe Wohlfahrt Christmas museum and store.


We walked around, enjoying the scenery. It was on the quiet side when arrived (and also not high season for tourists).





We came upon the local delicacy called the Schneeball.


Essentially, they are pieces of dough rolled into a ball shaped and deep-fried. Then covered with things like powdered sugar (more traditional) or chocolate and nuts (modern). We actually had no idea how these were made so we spent like 2 hours the next day finding Youtube videos about how to make Schneeballs (oddly enough, they are huge in Thailand).


The larger ones are the size of my hand as you can see (and we had those) but there were smaller ones too. They are crunchy so you have to break them apart in order to eat them.

There are actually wine vineyards around Rothenburg and one winery, Glocke, has a hotel and restaurant in the middle of the town. You can do tastings of their wines. Believe it or not, there are tons of wines made in Franconia, the region of Bavaria I am living in. They are known for their oddly shaped bottles called Bocksbeutels (look at one of the first pictures in the post). They are round and flat compared to a typical wine bottle.



There were 4 flights to choose from at the Glocke restaurant for the tasting. I went with the red (along with my dad), my mom went with one of the white flights, and Tim went with the high quality ones..of course. These included dessert wines or longer-aged wines. They came in cute little baskets with numbers corresponding to the list so you knew what you were drinking. My mom bought 3 different bottles to bring back to home with her.

Pinkies up, dad.

IMG_2248 2

After some more walking around, we headed back home as I was going to be making dinner. I made Pasta ala Lala which I don’t think I’ve talked about here. When I studied abroad in Italy, I would make pasta for myself all the time. Obviously. And one day I bought a bag of frozen grilled Eggplant and put it into my pasta sauce and let it simmer. Turns out it was amazing! Ideally it is made with tagliatelle pasta but anything would work. I brought this “recipe” home to my family and they loved it too. We’ve been making it ever since. And the Lala is my nickname, FYI. I served it with a Caesar Salad (and used this Eggless Caesar Salad Dressing recipe from Alex Guarnaschelli). I also served it with bread and Greek olive oil.


On Monday I had to work most of the day (sadface) but my parents explored the Nuremberg on their own and then Tim joined them. Once I got home, we went to Das Paul for dinner and had burgers.

Tuesday I worked half a day and then came home. It was gorgeous and sunny out! We took a walk to the Kaiserburg Castle which is literally in our backyard and a 5 minute walk. Even though much of Nuremberg was destroyed during WWII, some of the castle did not end up with any damage.

There are gorgeous views of Nuremberg.


We went higher up a lot of stairs in the tower.



Where there were even better views.



Then we went back to their hotel quickly so my mom could get her camera but it turns out she wanted to give us a gift! She gave us a really cool framed picture of Nuremberg (that we had been eyeing) and a cow-spotted Aerolatte to make cappuccinos!!! After this we walked one of my favorite streets in Nuremberg.


Then found a cafe for some Hugos, our new drink.

IMG_5718 2

Along with some mini Macarons that my mom had bought to bring home but we ended up eating some. Just some.

After this, we walked back our apartment where I made Pork Wellington with Cacio e Pepe Potatoes from Bon Appetit with sauteed broccoli. Then we had Italian cookies from where we bought the mini cannolis. We may have bought a lot.


It was their last night as they were flying out the next afternoon. It was a very busy week but so much fun!!! I will be back in the US on May 3rd to be in our friends Kristen and Mark’s wedding, woohoo!


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