Peruvian Adventure

There hasn’t been too much exciting lately so I’m sorry for the lack of posting.

We will be back in the U.S.A next Tuesday! Our first stop when my parents pick us up from the airport will be going to Lynwood Pizza. Bar-style pizza, here we come! Then the rest of the week will be visiting everyone and celebrating the wedding festivities of our friends, Kristen and Mark. The cool thing is that as part of their honeymoon, they are going to visit us in Germany a week later!

We did discover a Peruvian restaurant called El Encanto in Nuremberg so we went there Friday night. The menu is small and all of the cocktails are served with Pisco, which is a brandy made in Peru. The food was delicious and authentic (or as authentic as it could get in Germany). As you saw on the Insta, I had Lomo Saltado which fuses Asian and Peruvian styles together as it is a stir-fry with beef, peppers, tomatoes, and soy sauce and often served over rice and french fries.


Tim had something called Solomillo Y Algarrobo which were pork medallions and mushrooms in a red wine cream sauce with sweet potato gnocchi.


It was a nice change of pace and was delicious.

I bought a German food magazine a couple of weeks ago that had some great looking springtime (Frühling) recipes. The ingredients are easy as I know German food words pretty well but I had to Google Translate the instructions. We will see how they come out this week!


PS – the weather was crazy today. It was in the 40’s (ew) and it would be sunny one minute, rain and sleet the next minute, and then back to sunny. All. Day. Long. And it’s supposed to snow/sleet this week. This weather is stupid.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Kamalammaa says:

    Woohooo shout out in the blog! 🙂 can’t wait to see youuuu!


    1. Onion Tears says:

      #onlyshoutoutstothecoolestpeeps see you so soon!!!


  2. Rachel Ellis says:

    Did you use the Google translate app? You can literally use the camera on your phone and it will show up translated. I used it when I went to the Azores! It worked pretty well.


    1. Onion Tears says:

      I do actually use it all the time! it is really cool that it is able to do that.


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