Seriously though, weekends are never long enough.

Yesterday Tim and I decided to check out Walberlafest in Kirchehrenbach, about 45 minutes from Nuremberg in an area called Franconian Switzerland. Walberla is a “table mountain” and has held this festival since the 14th century.


We found out the hard way it was a pretty legit hike to the top where the festival being held. At first it was all rainbows, butterflies, and cherry blossoms.


The hike got steeper and steeper.



I mean, there were beautiful views but weren’t mentally prepared for this hike.

It’s ok though because there was a FESTIVAL at the top.




We had a much needed liter of bar. One Maß if you will.



And split a Knoblauchwurst (garlic sausage).


We walked around the festival a bit more and Tim got a langos which is a fried dough that can have savory or sweet toppings (he opted for cinnamon sugar).


We made it back down the mountain and onto the bus just as it started pouring. Whew. The day had started off sunny and then got rainy and then sunny again.

This morning we had a lovely brunch at some friends in Nuremberg and it was quite a good spread of bacon, eggs, sweet potato and black bean hash, scones with whipped cream, mimosas, and coffee. My contribution was a sweet potato walnut bread which turned out pretty good.

And now the weekend is almost over :(. Off to the States on Tuesday! Just one work day stands between me and ‘Murican soil!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mandy says:

    Faaaaantastic! I also agree that weekends are not long enough. And we can’t wait to see you both next week!


  2. Onion Tears says:

    Aaah see you so soon!!


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