The Final Day

We had a few hours on Monday morning to kill so we used them as best as we could. The weather was the best, sunny and beautiful.


So we were hungry and just picked the first place for breakfast. Unfortunately it was very touristy. We didn’t go for the “American breakfast” that was 18 Euros each (yikes) but had a croissant with orange juice and a cappuccino. Except the cappuccino was more of a latte macchiato. Meh.


After breakfast we wondered over to the Mercato Centrale again. It was far less crowded so we were able to enjoy it at a slower pace. I had such a hankering for cheese at this point, it was about 11am. We went to the upstairs portion of the market and found exactly what we wanted, a booth where they had various cheese tasting platters.


There were various types of Italian cheeses: aged, hard, soft, etc. and there was also a Mostarda d’Uva which is a grape mustard (it is sweet) and bread. And we had some REAL cappuccinos. It hit the spot.

FullSizeRender 22

We walked around some more




Then it was time to head back to the apartment to get ready for the bus *sad face.*


PS – This is the size of our door to our apartment. I’m sure the other side opens but we couldn’t figure it out..


All in all, it was amazing to be back in Italy. I have more of an appreciation now for the food and culture compared to when I was studying there. Now I need to find a recipe for my truffles!

Oh AND Giada DeLaurentiis was in Florence WHILE WE WERE THERE filming for her second season of Giada in Italy. We kept stalking her on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. We figured out where she was stationed, just over the Ponte Vecchio. We somehow missed her when she was out and about in the city. So I am super excited to see these episodes when they come out.


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