Sommer in der City

It strangely hasn’t felt a ton like summer this summer in Germany. Most days are in the 60’s and 70’s and hardly warmer than that. Which I will take as this is the first year of my life without AC #firstworldproblems. But we are extremely lucky as we are on the ground floor without direct sun so it stays really cool in our flat.

My in-laws recently visited so it was fun to explore the area from a tourist perspective.

Some highlights:

There was a winefest that served only local, Franconian wine. You could get a 1L bottle for 15 Euro.


Then we had a few treats like Baumstriezel which was also called chimney cakes (see Budapest). One with hazelnuts and one with cinnamon.


We also had an antipasti platter


And then had 4 more bottles added onto our first bottle. We were walking home, no worries.

We also went to a Greek restaurant in Nuremberg called Taverna Meteora and had a Greek feast. They told us we ordered too much food (hmm…this seems to be a pattern).


We started off with baked feta with peppers and oil and tzaitziki with pita. Then we split 2 different kinds of platters with things like fries, rice, shrimp, calamari, souvlaki, meatballs, gyro meat, and other deliciousness. Needless to say, we were too full for baklava but had shots of ouzo (a Greek, licorice-flavored liquor).


We visited Franconian Switzerland and it is now high cherry season (AMAZING I TELL YOU). There were all kinds of stands on the side of the road selling “kirschen.” In the spring, we got to see the cherry blossoms blooming but now its time to harvest the cherries. We opted out of the hike but enjoyed the views at Pretzfeld Keller.


Lunch was traditional German at Zum Walberla in Kirchehrenbach, a town in Franconian Switzerland and site of a previous beer festival Tim and I attended.

It was a very fun-filled few days with the fam.

Today there is a organic market in Nuremberg’s Hauptmarkt so we checked it out. There were some pretty cool stalls with food and other items.


We had a delicious falafel wrap

FullSizeRender 22.jpg

And walked around with some beers (a porter and an IPA)


Then went to Sommer in der City which is a beach set-up (complete with sand, beach cheers, huts, and a wading pool) in the middle of Nuremberg and had a couple of strawberry margaritas. Prost!



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