Prague Part 1

After a very busy week, I can finally recap our visit to Prague last weekend!

Our original plan was to take a 6am bus to Prague from Nuremberg to arrive around 10am. Well. That didn’t happen. Our bus was delayed an hour and a half with absolutely no explanation. We got to Prague around noontime instead but it wasn’t a huge deal.

We dropped our stuff at the hotel then set off to explore the city. We were pretty hungry by this point (as we had a 5:10am wakeup call for no reason). We landed in a restaurant called La Republica in the Old Town.


It said they were a beer bar so we were super excited. I LOVE German beer but there’s not a lot of variety. I knew that we could get different kinds of beer in the Czech Republic so “beer bar” drew us right in. For some reason there were only like 5 beers on the menu?? That was a disappointing but they had beer cocktails! We had a cocktail that had dark beer, bourbon, and espresso. It was goooood.


The restaurant served fairly traditional Czech food. I got goulash with dumplings.


And Tim got short ribs that tasted BBQ-y, not something we get in Germany very often.


With our stomachs full, we were off to explore.




I had forgotten how ornate Prague’s buildings are. Being in the old town (pictures above) makes you feel like you are back in time. The astronomical clock is the focal point and each hour, there is the procession of the Twelve Apostles as the bells go off. And everyone crowds around it. The Old Town Tower was built in the 1300’s, it’s amazing how old it is.

We meandered along until we got to the Vltava River where we had a great view of the Prague Castle and Charles Bridge.


We walked across the Charles Bridge (called Karlúv Most) to the other side of the river. There are 30 gothic-style statues along the sides of the bridge, each unique.




It was pretty hot and sunny at this point so we decided we need a cold drink (water and beer in this case). We sat outside at Malostransky hostinc in the Malá Strana section.


They had all kinds of amazing beers, it was really hard to pick one. For the first round, I had a blueberry beer and Tim had a California-style IPA.


For the next round, I couldn’t make a beer decision so the waiter pick one out for me. Hilariously, it was a cherry beer. If you remember, I accidentally kept getting cherry beers in Brussels and its now a running joke between my husband and I. It was good, a bit too sweet.


Once we were more refreshed, we climbed the steps up to Prague Castle.


And were rewarded with gorgeous views.



The castle compound consists of all kinds of buildings.



After visiting the castle, we were going to go to the fortress but it started pouuurrringggg and we ended up sitting in a tunnel to wait it out.


We checked into the hotel and then went to dinner at the Prague Beer Museum which is actually just a pub. They don’t even have their own food, they get the food from a different restaurant. But they did have flights of beer.


In my flight was was a Bakalar Honey, Opat (a beer that was light in color but tasted like chocolate), Cornel Red Ale, Ferdinand 7 Kuli (IPA), and Konrad (pilsner).

After this, we went in search of chimney cakes with ice cream. We have had chimney cakes in Germany and Hungary so we had to add Czech chimney cakes to the mix. With ice cream.


Amazing tasting but surprisingly super messy. We weren’t eating it fast enough and it melted everywhere. Since we had a really long day, we ended it after the chimney cake ice cream so we could be ready for the next day’s adventures. More to come!


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