Prague Part 2

We started off our morning with the free breakfast buffet at the hotel (hey, you can’t beat free). It actually exceeded our expectations. We had to fuel up for another day of adventure.


We walked over to the Jewish cemetery and synagogue then to Wenceslas Square.


Then we headed to the Dancing House also known as Fred and Ginger. The design really stands out amongst the rest of the buildings in Prague. We heard you could go to the top of the building so we decided to do so.


There was an interesting gallery inside that had an exhibit about TV in 1970s Czech Republic. At the top was a bar and restaurant. If you pay for a drink at the bar, you can stand outside and overlook the city. Definitely a great decision!



Nothing like a morning Prosecco.


Working our way further south, we then went to the Vyšehrad fortress which also had amazing views of the city. The morning was cloudy but the sun came out which made it really nice.



There were even vineyards with fresh grapes growing and a church within the fortress.



We had a 5pm bus and still had some time to kill so we headed all the way to the Letná Beer Garden within the Letná Gardens. There was an area where you could get takeaway food and beer and sit at the picnic benches.


But we decided to eat at the slightly more upscale restaurant next to the beer garden, Letensky zámeček.

We started off with some Aperol Spritzes (is that the plural form??).


I had steak with potato au gratin and vegetables


And Tim had steak with truffles and mashed potatoes.


Since the beer garden looked so inviting, we sat at the beer garden for another hour or so before heading to our bus, enjoying the view and weather.



Luckily the bus ride home was pretty uneventful (no late busses this time) and got back to Nuremberg at about 9:30pm which wasn’t bad at all.

So what’s on deck?

We are going to Norway in a couple of weeks! I am super excited, we get to see Tim’s family (who is from Norway) so it will be great to experience the country with them. We also booked a trip to Thailand for 2 weeks during Christmas and New Years. Can. Not. Wait. We will be hitting up Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Koh Samui. If you have any advice or suggestions, let me know!


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