Today was a beautiful day so we decided to go to the German-American Folkfest (Deutsch-Amerikanisches Volksfest) in Grafenwöhr, about an hour away from Nuremberg. On our radio, we are able to get the Armed Forces Network station. The best part is that it is in English so we know what’s going on. They talked about the fest and I saw it pop up on Facebook. Why not?

Grafenwöhr is teeny but home to a US military base. The base organizes the festival but it seems to be in partnership with the German military. We parked in Grafenwöhr center then took a shuttle to the festival which was PACKED.


There was a very interesting mix of things going on. Some of the food stalls were German that we had seen many other times at past festivals. But others were definitely American. Each group within the base had their own themed tent with food and drinks.


Mostly AMERICAN food and drinks. We dove into a BBQ pulled pork sandwich with American beers, Sam Adams and Budweiser. We are classy.


There was even COUNTRY MUSIC (my fave) and line dancing!!!


They were doing line dancing to American country songs but the announcer was speaking in German? So confusing.

Then we had this shameful piece of amazingness, a blooming onion or Zwiebel Rose.


Followed by a root beer and blue Gatorade. The funny thing is that I hardly ever ate/drank these things back home since they aren’t exactly healthy but they were calling our name at the fest and it was good to have a slice of Americana.

We are off to Norway this Friday! And I’m excited because one of my former co-workers is visiting Germany for work so I get to see her!! Good stuff all around.


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