Weekend Musings

Ah weekends go by too fast, especially when you do nothing. Actually, that’s a lie. My husband I were very productive yesterday after starting off the day with a cat staring into our window. The joys of being on the ground floor.


We got an oil change and then walked to the mall (it was within 800m, how convenient while we wait!). He needed some new clothes and then we bought a table tennis set because there is a table tennis table in the park behind our apartment. #Wheningermany. Then we went food shopping after picking the car up. Since moving to Germany, we have had less…obligations and can spend Saturdays and Sundays not doing much unless we have specific plans. But we did SO much yesterday. For us.

Anyways, I have mostly been posting travels on here but haven’t done as much “everyday stuff” that I used to do with the blog. I will try to get back to it instead of updates every like 5 weeks. We found a way to watch the Food Network and Cooking Channel live so that has been our nights (if anything good is on). One of our new favorite shows is Extra Virgin which features Debi Mazar and her husband, Gabriele Corcos, cooking Italian recipes. You can see why it is one of our favorites. A little while ago, they made a Beef Pizzaiola recipe. It included a red sauce that was made with capers and anchovies, poured over thin slices of beef, and topped with basil and mozzarella cheese.


We were able to enjoy leftovers from last night for lunch today. Today for breakfast I threw together some Nuremberg sausage (small, white sausages) with an english muffin, sliced banana, blueberries, and scrambled eggs with Emmentaler cheese.

For dinner, I came across this Spring Chicken Fricassee recipe a few weeks ago and thought it would be a good Sunday night dinner. The weather really hasn’t been too hot here so it is fine to have soups and stews (and not die).

According to Tasting Table, a fricassee is a French technique that is used for stews when sauteeing a protein, adding to a thickened broth, and throwing in vegetables and herbs. The stew was finished with a mixture of egg yolks and heavy cream, tempered with the hot soup so I didn’t have scrambled eggs in my stew. This adds to the richness and tasted amazing. Best broth I’ve ever had.


A whole chicken broken into 8 parts was used, skin and bones and all. Which adds a lot of flavor to the stew but was difficult to eat as we found. You probably saw this on my Instagram but we ended up moving the chicken to a plate, cutting it up, and putting it back into the bowl. I know, #lame. And probably not French at all.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. My friend Melissa is visiting in a couple of weeks (YAY) then we are back in the US mid-September. Our wedding anniversary (#2!) is Oct 3rd so we are figuring out what to do for that weekend. Talk to ya all soon.


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