Fest Season In Germany

Hello all.

I’ve been neglecting this poor little blog lately.

I was back home in the US from the 13th through 20th for my sister’s wedding! It was full of ‘Murican food like bar pizza, pumpkin beer (oh how I missed you)


Mac and cheese from Fat Cat, one of our favorite restaurants in Quincy


and American breakfast. Bye bye, Boston 😦


We had a lovely 6 hour layover in Düsseldorf on the way home so we explored a little bit.





As the subject declares, it is fest season in Germany. Altstadtfest in Nuremberg and Oktoberfest in Munich are going on at the same time. Soo we decided to wake up bright and early to go to Oktoberfest yesterday. You might remember that we went to Oktoberfest last year during our “look and see” trip to Germany. It was fun but insanely crowded and we just walked around. It is funny to think how far we have come in a year and how comfortable we are now in comparison to the whirlwind shock of our trip one year ago.

We are now true Germans. We bought a dirndl (traditional German female dress) and lederhosen (for men) while our friend Melissa was visiting. Shopping for these was legit like shopping for a wedding dress, it took over 2 hours. First, I had to figure out my size. Then once I found a dress I liked, I had to find a white blouse (they come separately) that went with the dress. But my husband and I both were successful and found a dirndl and lederhosen.



Those pictures are from the Volksfest in Nuremberg a few weeks ago, the first time we wore our get-up in public.

Anyways, we arrived in Munich at about 9am. We didn’t have tent reservations and heard you have to get there right when the festival opens on the weekend. That we did. We were able to walk right into the first tent and found a seat no problem. Tents are an understatement, they are actually massive structures dedicated to a brewery in Munich. The first tent we went into was Ambrustschützen-Festhalle put on by Paulaner beer.


It had a forest theme and we had breakfast here. Cheese bread, a giant pretzel, and beer. At 9am.



Then had some Weisswurst with sweet mustard, a traditional Bavarian breakfast.


We then decided to go into a few other tents to see what they looked like. They were all so unique and already packed at 10:30.





We stayed in the Hacker-Pschorr brewery tent for the remainder of our time in Munich (a few more hours).



We made friends with our tablemates. One group was a father and his sons from Scotland (wearing kilts!!) and a group of really nice German university students. One of the guys from Scotland managed to break the top of his beer mug (note the broken mug).


Then we got some apple streudel with a vanilla sauce. So good.


We had a 5:15pm train home so we walked around a little bit more before heading home, exhausted. It was so much fun!! Auf Wiedersehen, Oktoberfest.


Today we stopped by the Altstadfest in Nuremberg (no beer).


The weather was perfect.


It was also a “shopping Sunday” meaning stores were open from 1-5pm so Nuremberg was hoppin’. But now the weekend is over and time for another work week.

We are going to Paris this coming weekend for our 2nd wedding anniversary!! Can. Not. Wait. Funny, for years I had no desire to see Paris, even when I studied abroad. But I’ve become more and more interested in French food and now am super excited to see the City of Love up close. I know, it’s cliche to spend our anniversary there. But that’s the point!

Au Revoir my friends.



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