Paris Day 2

There’s a corny country song by Terri Clark called “I Wanna Do It All” and one line is “visit Paris in the fall” therefore I had this song stuck in my head the whole weekend.

We did not have as early of a start on Day 2 luckily and got some much needed sleep. We also discovered crepes are not served in the morning so we had to “settle” for these bundles of joy instead:


Then we were actually off to Versailles! Versailles is just south of the city limits and holds the Palace of Versailles.



We got the “passport” ticket which allowed us access to the palace with an audioguide, the gardens, the Grand Trianon and Marie Antoinette’s Estate. We waited in line for only about 30 minutes or so to get in which wasn’t bad. Once you are in, you pretty much have free reign.


The palace was insanely ornate and it was where Kind Louie XIV lived. The amount of land that the palace sat on probably could have fit a small town. We walked through the gardens after going through the palace.




To the other part of the estate that held the Palace of Trianon and Marie Antoinette’s estate.


PS – I want a pink marble palace all to myself.

Once we finished up, we were STARVING and found a crepes place. I had a banana Nutella crepe and Tim had a caramel crepe (when in…Paris).



We went back into the city and walked around some more. Our mission: macarons. Those pillowy, sweet cookies. Ladureé and Pierre Hermé are two of the biggest names for French macarons and we ended up with Pierre Hermé. Amongst some of the flavors we had were pistachio, passion fruit and chocolate, and raspberry with rose.


We also bought a baguette and headed to the Luxembourg Gardens (which are gorgeous by the way).




We went back to our hotel to research places to eat. We wanted to see the Eiffel Tower at night so a place to eat somewhat nearby was key. The chosen restaurant was Le Petit Cler which seemed to be down-home French cooking, if that’s a thing.

We enjoyed a seat outside with some wine.



Our appetizer was foie gras because…of course it was. It is hard to describe how it tastes so the best way to describe it would be “meat butter,” trademarked by Tim. And it was so good.


For dinners we both had a grilled flank steak with salad and a baked potato with an herbed creamy sauce. It was super simple but done so well and deliciously.


For dessert, I had a raspberry tart and Tim had his favorite, a crème brûleé.



And then we ended the night on this note:



We caught the light show that twinkles the tower every hour and then walked closer to as (as we were mobbed by souvenir hawkers selling wine and eiffel tower keychains, dumb).


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