Paris Day 3

Our third and final day in Paris 😦

Obviously our day started with this:


After breakfast, we headed to the Basilique du Sacré Cœur which is located in the Montmartre. Montmartre is the artists’ part of the city and feels like a mini small town when you walk amongst the winding and hilly cobble-stoned roads.

There was a bit of a hike to the church with lots of steps to the top. There is a tram too but we prefer to make it harder for ourselves.


The church itself had some beautiful stained glass


And also a gorgeous view of the city


After that, we took our time meandering through Montmartre.

We were going to go to a market that is situated in an old orphanage but it was closed on Mondays. Fail. So we headed off to lunch at a recommended (by Anthony Bourdain, of course) restaurant called Au Bourguignon Du Marais known for their, in case you couldn’t guess it, Beouf Bourguignon.

We started off with nice glasses of wine while sitting outside watching the world pass by. I ordered the Beouf Bourguignon.


And Tim ordered the Beef Tartare


For dessert, we ended with a pungent cheese that came with a black currant jam. The salty, funkiness paired with the sweetness was amazing. Ending with cheese for dessert instead of cake or something else is traditional for the French.


This was a great way to end the trip with a last meal. We walked around some more and had cappuccinos before heading to the airport, ending our time in Paris. I can’t wait to go back again someday. We hit all of the big tourist things but it would be nice to see a museum or two. Also, there are still a million restaurants I want to try! I think we will be back.

Au revoir!


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