Sushi and Gin

Fall is in there air here in Germany. Actually it has felt colder than fall, brrr. Christmas market season isn’t so far away (Nov 25!) and the days are significantly chillier and darker.

After a few crazy weekends, this weekend was pretty low-key. You saw on the Insta but I made a Smoke Salmon Niçoise Salad for lunch yesterday with smoked salmon, hardboiled eggs, olives, marinated artichokes, spinach, potatoes, brussels sprouts, and sunflower seeds. With a lemon vinaigrette. My husband has a cold so he needs to eat his veggies.


For dinner we had last minute plans with our friends Rose and Svein (fellow ex-pats) at a place called Coco Sushi in Nuremberg. After meeting up at Rose and Svein’s place, we walked over to Coco.

OMG it was so good. I haven’t had sushi in quite some time and they had a diverse menu with all kinds of sushi. We started off with baos and gyoza (and sake). Then we shared a plate of 4 different kinds of sushi:


The Salmon had asparagus, avocado, mango, cream cheese, salmon, daikon, tempura flakes, and wasabi mayo.

The Popeye was had spinach and a sesame sauce on the outside (crazy, right?) and tempura asparagus, avocado, and mango on the inside.

The Volcano had spicy tuna, avocado, jalapeños, chives, truffle mayo, and a chili sauce.

The Golden Buddha had tempura asparagus, mango, and avocado with a mango sauce.

For dessert, Tim had a matcha crème brûlée and I had a (thankfully very small) chocolate lava cake type thing with vanilla ice cream and strawberries that the waiter claimed he made.

After this we wondered over to a gin bar that Rose and Svein had recommended. The bottom floor is an English bar but the top floor used to be a giant ballroom and is now the gin bar called Bäckerhof. It felt like we were taken back in time!


They had all kinds of gins and tonics to pick from or you could get a mixed drink. I opted for the the pink gin drink which I think was made with grapefruit juice. It was so good and I pretty much wanted to steal the glass. Do you see the roses on it?


We each had a different kind of gin drink so we all tried each other’s. I definitely want to go back here, I think I may like gin a lot more than I thought. Tim had a gin and tonic with a brand of gin called Monkey 47 which is made in Germany. We need a bottle of that ASAP.

Coming up, we don’t have a lot going on. Tim has to travel to Croatia for work (tough) and then Thailand is in December but in between, we don’t have any big plans. We have to start planning our travels for next year!


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