Life Lately

I know, I’ve been horrible about updating this thing. I need to get back into it.

Truthfully, not a whole lot has been going on lately.Winding down at work before the holiday season has been the main focus. Since we traveled so much earlier in the year, we have taken the last month or so to chill.

Happy belated Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Americans! On the actual day, it was very strange to be at work. My husband and I Facetimed with our families later that night. A fellow American here in Germany invited us over for a Thanksgiving celebration on Saturday (last night).

I was sooo excited that I found fresh cranberries here! My contributions to the party were cranberry bread (my mom’s traditional recipe) and cranberry sauce.


We enjoyed such a nice evening at our makeshift Thanksgiving celebration with expats from all around the world. I mean, take a look at this spread.


This was only some of the food (see my cranberry sauce!!) and my plate reflected it…excuse the blurriness probably as a result of wine:


I could only muster some cereal this morning as I’m pretty sure I was still full.

On Thursday, the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt opened. The start of Christmas market season (around the time of the start of advent) is a huge deal in Germany. Christmas is so magical here, far less commercialized than back in the U.S. It feels more authentic and celebratory. The Christmas markets feel like you are in a fairytale. Nuremberg is home to one of the most famous markets and millions of tourists come each year. We are lucky in that we are only a 10 minute walk from the action.


This is the first of MANY visits to the market over the next month so we just walked around with some glühwein to take in the sights and sounds. Glühwein is hot, mulled wine and is literally soul-warming. Perfect for chilly nights. You pay a “pfand” or a deposit on the mug and you get your money back when you return it. Or you can keep the mug if you wish.


More trips to the market to come!


We are counting down the days until we are off the Thailand on December 23rd. Can. not. wait.

Ciao ciao for now!


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