One Year

Hi all.

We have officially have been in Germany for 1 year! I can’t even believe it. It has been quite the year, we were able to travel to all kinds of places and experience living in another country with a new language. I would have to say we have adjusted pretty well. And have taken advantage of living in Europe.

We started off last year with a last minute Christmas trip to Budapest since we were still in a temporary apartment and wanted to get away.

What we did: visited the thermal baths on Christmas Day (best decision ever), went to the House of Terror, wandered around, and went to a ruin pub



What we ate: chimney cake, goulash, and hot mulled wine



Next up was Brussels where we went for my birthday. The weather wasn’t so great but we still had fun in this international city (both Dutch and French are spoken here and all street signs are in those languages).

What we did: saw the Automium, did a walking tour, enjoyed Grand Place, went to a Chocolate Museum (not so great), enjoyed the Mannekin Pis, and went to a military museum and a few bars




What we ate: beer, frites, waffles, and chocolate. All the good stuff.




Next up was Greece. Oh Greece, you were amazing.

What we did: a 10km hike from Fira to Oia, hiked a volcano, went on a boat ride, encountered a restaurant that wasn’t even open for the season but they served us a private meal anyways, watched the sunset, went to a vineyard and had a wine tasting, went to the Red Beach and Black Beach, and enjoyed an impromptu sing-along in a restaurant





What we ate: real Greek salad, gyros, wine, olives, lamb, moussaka, tapas, cheese, octopus, and souvlaki





This is only just the beginning of my year in review. More to come!


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