Year in Review Part 2

Hey hey.

We actually spent the day in Salzburg, Austria yesterday. Austria is a place I’ve never been to and Salzburg was only a 3 hour train ride away from Nuremberg. I will tell you all about that later but I am going to continue our year in review.

I left off with Budapest, Brussels, and Greece, all uniquely great places.

My parents visited shortly after the Greece trip where we went to Munich and Rothenberg and also explored Nuremberg. In May we went back to the US for our friends Kristen and Mark’s wedding and then they visited us as part of their honeymoon! We showed them the German festival ways at the Bergkirchweih fest in Erlangen.


In June, we headed to Florence and Perugia, Italy.

What we did: ate a lot of food, walked a lot, climbed the Duomo, went to Eataly, explore the Mercato Centrale, looked out over Florence from the Piazzale Michaelangelo, visited Perugia where I studied abroad, walked around the markets, had tea at the oldest pharmacy in the world (Santa Maria Novella) and saw the Italian national soccer team leaving for the World Cup.





What we ate: wine, blueberry steak, pasta upon pasta, pizza, truffles, cheese, and bread





After a quick stop in the US for my sister’s bridal shower, my in-laws visited in July where we explored Nuremberg.

Then we visited Prague which was only a 3.5 hour busride away.

What we did: watched the clock in the old town square, explored Prague castle, walked down Wencelas Square, drank champagne at the top of the Dancing House, visited the Vyšehrad fortress, and enjoyed the views from the Letensky zámeček park and beer garden.





What we ate: flavored beer, had a chimney cake with ice cream, goulash and dumplings, and steak




Guys, we are only like halfway through the year!


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