Schwarzwald – Day 2

We were lucky again when we woke up to beautiful sunshine as we headed off to Titisee-Neustadt, about 35 minutes from our hotel. The Titisee is a small lake tucked away in the Black Forest and was recommended to visit by a friend.


This place must be hoppin’ in the summer time. It was almost like a small beach town with shops, docks, and an actual “beach” area. But in November, it was serene and quiet with only a few tourists (at least when we first arrived).


There were plenty of ducks so that was fun. There was a hiking path around the perimeter of the lake, about 6 kilometers (just over 3 miles) so we walked it in order to be one with nature.


After this lovely walk, we got in the car to go back home to Nuremberg.

If you ever have a chance, I highly recommend taking a trip to the Black Forest. There was tons to do and see so we were limited in the 2 days we were there. There are a lot of wineries around that I would love to have visited. That area of Germany is known for its wine. So obviously I am there.


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