Maybe The Most Random Place I’ve Been

When I told people I was going to Malta, most were like huh? Where’s that? What’s that?

Thanks to an opportunity for a girls’ weekend and super cheap Ryanair flights DIRECT from Nuremberg to Malta, I was off. Probably the only hot weekend I experienced all summer (it was in the 90’s as it was towards the end of July).

So where is Malta? Malta is located between Sicily, Italy and northern Africa. Here is a visual for your reference.

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 7.22.59 PM copy
Courtesy of Google Maps

Malta is an island country in the European Union (therefore, uses the Euro). English is one of its official languages so it is widely spoken in addition to Maltese. It seemed to have a pretty heavy British influence, including the electric sockets which I was not prepared for. It is actually made up of multiple islands with its capital city in Valletta.

It was pretty difficult to pick a town as a base depending if you wanted quiet vs. hoppin’, city vs. beach, etc. etc. The 6 of us girls chose an AirBnB in Valletta not far from the main downtown area. We did a hop on, hop off bus tour to help us see more of the island and then utilized public transport where needed. It would have been easier renting a car but there was a lack of parking and tight, winding roads.

After a super easy flight on a Friday afternoon, we all landed in Malta and took 2 taxis to the city of Valletta. We got there just as the sun was setting and had a cool view from our balcony.


There didn’t seem to be a true Maltese cuisine but there was a heavy Italian and Greek influence and lots of seafood (AMAZING!!).


After dinner, we ended up at a wine bar that has jazz on Friday nights at a place called Bridge Bar. Apologies for the semi-bad picture, the dark made it difficult to take a good picture. Everyone hands out on the bridge, listens to jazz, and drinks wine. Summertime heaven.


The next day was lots of Malta exploration.


On the hop on, hop off bus, we opted for the “off” option at Mdina, a city surrounded by walls in Northern Malta. There were beautiful views and gorgeous colors and architecture.

FullSizeRender 3.jpgIMG_5237.JPGIMG_5219.JPGIMG_5235.JPG

We were super hot at this point and made our next stop at one of Malta’s famously blue-watered beaches. First order of business was lunch and rosé. Malta has plenty of vineyards and wine.


Later at night, we enjoyed a festival.


At the festival, there was this contest where people were running up a wooden pole slicked with (maybe) butter and they had to run as fast as possible to the end of the pole to catch a flag, without slipping and falling. We watched person after person fail. Seriously entertaining.


We still had another full day left in Malta (Sunday and then we left on Monday afternoon).


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