Foodstuff Fridays

Hello dear friends.

I am going to continue my Malta trip but I thought I would maybe try something different on here (instead of just spewing out my trips and such). “Foodstuff Fridays” will now be a regular feature with links of food-related things that I find around the inter-webs. These could be anything from thought-provoking food articles to recipes to funny stories, etc. etc. centered around my love of food and travel.

So here are this week’s!


Do you and your significant other bond over grocery shopping? Or do you hate to go with each other? I prefer the former and enjoy the company when grocery shopping (usually). I especially like when we have more time or we are in another country. It’s a known fact I am obsessed with grocery stores in other countries and must visit at least one anywhere I am. I drag my husband with me.

So I love food-related Buzzfeed quizzes. I got 9/10 on this one sooo I’m pretty amazing. What did you get on the quiz?

It’s the best time of year coming up in the food world….Thanksgiving! These Eater editors comment on the current Thanksgiving food issue magazine covers. I personally read ALL of these magazines (are you surprised?) and my fave cover is Martha Stewart Living’s.

This is one of my absolute favorite blogs out on the internet and Tieghan Gerard has written a full guide on how to plan a Thanksgiving menu. I won’t be hosting Thanksgiving this year but will definitely bookmark this for the future!

When you find out cheese is actually really healthy for you (well, at least one particular kind of cheese).

Jessica Merchant’s blog, How Sweet Eats, is also one of my perennial faves and she just posted this recipe for a Pumpkin Skillet Cobbler that looks to die for. PUMPKIN EVERYTHING.

Corny or not corny? It is kind of cute, I like the apple shape. Obviously out of my price range.


See ya next time.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mandy Singh says:

    1. I love Foodstuff Friday’s. 2. Yes, I love to go grocery shopping with the hubs and prefer that he joins in since we both love to cook and eat. 3. I got 10/10 so I could cook for Gordon! Woot! Woot! 4. I LOVE the looks of the pumpkin cobbler recipe so I may give it a try for a brunch dish. 5. NOT Corny! I mean come on, if Tiffany can sell every day items for thousands then we can justify owning the apple shaped le creuset! 6. Last but not least, CHEESE IS GOOD FOR YOU! Thanks for this great blog!


  2. Onion Tears says:

    Thank you for your very lovely comments and thanks for reading!! You beat me on Gordon but that is no surprise there. Love your Tiffany comment


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