Malta – Part 2

You can’t go to an island(s) without going on a boat!

We girls decided to do a boat cruise that took us to the islands of Gozo and Comino and included some stops along the way.


The water was sooo blue.


The first stop was on the small island of Gozo which is more rural, quiet, and made up of small villages.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

We got off the boat into a small van that gave us a tour around the island. We were able to get out a couple of times to explore and also eat some lunch. There was a fortress, called the Citadel, that we looked around.



Then we went in this little lagoon area near where the Azure Window used to be (before it collapsed. RIP). You had to walk through giant rock formations to get to it.



There was also a gorgeous church that we stopped at that had cool mosaics.





Then we were off to the island of Comino with the famous Blue Lagoon. Which is indeed, really blue.



As you can see, the Blue Lagoon area was SUPER crowded and we just wanted to be able to swim. A few of us found a quieter area around the corner from the Blue Lagoon where there was hardly anyone and crystal clear waters.



Picture courtesy of my friend, Sarah, who has a GoPro

After this boating adventure, we got back to Valletta to enjoy the sunset and dinner at a restaurant called Cockney’s Restaurant.



On our last day, we had a late afternoon flight so we had some time to kill. We went to another town on the main island of Malta called Sliema and swam at the pool of the Hotel Fortina which was a BRILLIANT idea. It had gorgeous views of Valletta from the pool area.


Then, unfortunately, we were off to the airport after some pool time.

Malta was such a cool island, there was really a lot to do and see. I would definitely go back especially for the beachy feel (which I don’t get so much anymore) and fresh Mediterranean seafood.


FullSizeRender 4_edited-2.jpg


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