Amsterdam was always on my bucket list (no, not for those special brownies) and we FINALLY decided to bite the bullet and go during the holiday weekend in August, thanks to a Brückentage or bridge day on Monday. Flights are direct from Nuremberg to Amsterdam and just about an hour. Easy, peasy.


We left after work on a Friday night so we landed in Amsterdam hankering for dinner. Amsterdam is a very multi-cultural city so there are many, many different type of options for food. I had done a lot of research and got recommendations before coming. We stayed in an AirBnB (hotels are SUPER expensive in Amsterdam) that was fairly central to everything in the De Pijp neighborhood.

Dinner was at Little Collins and their concepts were global small plates.




After dinner, we walked over to Brouwerij Troost which makes their own beer but also has a restaurant/bar with a cool atmosphere. They have beers like porters, New England IPA’s, Bocks, and Saisons and a large variety to pick from.


The next morning was raining (sad face) but we walked to the area of the Rijksmuseum and the I AMSTERDAM sign. Because we are tourists. Then we were off to the Van Gogh museum (buy tickets ahead of time online!) which I don’t have pictures of but was really cool. I’m not an art museum person but my husband loves Van Gogh so it was amazing to see so many of his original paintings in person.



Then we went to De Hallen which is a central for culture, food, arts, stores, etc. There was a lot to look at here and the Food Hallen is the best part with little mini restaurants representing all parts of the world (Japanese food, Mexican food, American food, etc. etc.).


The sun came out after so this made the day much better and we could enjoy the Amsterdam scenery.


Lunch was a portable cheese/meat plate from one of the many cheese shops that we enjoyed on the canal with beer. We had no bottle opener so Tim literally used the edge of the canal to open the beer which was successful and a big win for the day.



Then we walked to the Bloemenmarkt which is also called the floating flower market. Essentially it is where you can buy tulips and tulip bulbs. There were stall after stall of cheese souvenirs and tulips but we had the best time looking through it all.


For dinner, we went to a place called Ellis Burgers, solely for the fact that it is my maiden name and we thought that would be hilarious.


After some rosé


We decided to venture over to the infamous Red Light District before it got too dark. Just as a note, it is clearly geared towards tourists and felt completely safe. I know in the past that wasn’t always the case but it was more than fine as there were hoards of tourists going through when we were there.


Then we walked around more, enjoying Amsterdam at night (outside of the Red Light District).


We still had much of the long weekend left to explore!


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