Amsterdam Continued

I forgot to mention that on our 1st full day in Amsterdam, we had an AMAZING brunch at a restaurant called Bakers & Roasters. It was started by 2 friends, one Australian and one Brazilian and you can really feel that in the laidback, almost tropical vibe of the place. Apparently a line can be out the door in the morning but we got there right when they opened so we got a seat immediately. But saw the line stack up behind us. I highly recommend this place if you are ever in Amsterdam.

This particular morning, we went to a place called CT Coffee and Donuts, which also had a tropical vibe to it (a theme with us? I guess?). Once again, we beat the crowds thanks to an early start. We had a coconut coffee which was an iced coffee with, you guessed it, coconut milk. I even had a coconut pancake with my breakfast. The restaurant wasn’t as amazing as Bakers & Roasters but still really good and not the type of place we typically come across in Nuremberg.


After that, we were off to a canal cruise that cruised all around the city. It was a great way to see the Amsterdam from a different angle and enjoy the pretty good weather.

After that was beer o’clock…or lunchtime rather. We set off to Brouwerij ‘t IJ, a brewery next to a windmill. We got there right when they opened (we seem to have a knack for that) and once again we are happy we did as it got super busy. We sat outside but you had to go into the main pub to get your drinks and food (at 2 separate counters).


They have bar snacks so of course we had the local cheese and salami plate with some peanuts. And good beer.


After this, we walked around the city which was super crowded (WITH STORES OPEN ON A SUNDAY). I got a (not traditional but delicious) stroopwafel. Stroopwafels are 2 pieces of really thin dough made in waffle maker-like machine. They are cooked until crunchy and a layer of gooey, caramel syrupy filling in between. The best way to get them is freshly made which I did not on this day but did on our last day. This place had “gourmet” types and mine was dipped in chocolate with M&M’s.


After more walking around and chilling at our AirBnB, we had one destination in mind for dinner and got completely distracted by another one. By a twist of fate, we ended up at a hole-in-the-wall place in Pijp called Calle Ocho. They serve Miami-inspired food, cooking up a mix of Mexican, South American, and Cuban food. After drinking the Heidi Montag cocktail (for reals)


We feasted on Latin American amazingness, including CEVICHE.

Then later on that night at a different bar, I accidentally ordered a 0% alcohol beer. Like, the waiter didn’t even warn me! So sad. But this particular bar did have Goose Island Beer which we hadn’t had in quite some time and love after our trip to Chicago. We ended the day on a good note after the beer failure.


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