This Week and Foodstuff Fridays

Really, these weeks keep on flying by. Once again, sorry for the lack of posting. If you go see my Instagram stories, you can see the fun meal I cooked tonight! At least for the next 24 hours. Then we are going to eat leftover pumpkin pie from our Thanksgiving celebration last night. I might turn orange.

We were fortunate to spend Thanksgiving at one of our fellow American friend’s apartment last night. Even with turkey and all the fixin’s! My contributions were spiced cranberry sauce, my mom’s traditional cranberry bread, and bourbon pumpkin pie. And I took like, no pictures. Oops. And my husband and I peeled, cut, and mashed 5 kilos (11 lbs) of mashed potatoes while we were there. That’s a lot of potatoes.


And today I received a care package from my mom with all important things like hot sauce and Marylou’s coffee. Have you heard of Marylou’s? It is a coffee chain mostly in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island that serves all kinds of flavored coffee. They are decked out in a signature bright pink color. My mom sent us Pumpkin Spice.


As you know I MADE my own hot sauce over the weekend too! I tried to imitate Frank’s Red Hot. It came out differently tasting but still really good. And it was super easy. You just boil a bunch of whole cayenne peppers with vinegar and garlic. Then you blend it and let it sit overnight for flavors to develop. I strained it out further before “bottling” it (meaning I used an empty Franks’ bottle).

Now onto Foodstuff Fridays!

This is super true and there are many reasons why Germany is better than America. (It goes both ways, I still love you, America). From a food point of view, you can’t beat the würste (sausage), the beer, and the bread. No surprises. But what people don’t know is that Germany has extremely fresh and seasonal produce that Germans fully take advantage of.

I’ve been slowly de-toxify cleaning supplies, makeup, shampoo, etc around the house. As I run out of things, I try to find healthier alternatives without the harmful chemicals. I’ve been experimenting making DIY cleaning supplies with good success so far. Here are some ideas for you.

I love the idea of a reverse bucket list. Listing accomplishments instead of things that you FOMO.

If I could have a Mexican-American themed Thanksgiving, this would be the exact meal I would serve. From Chef Marcela Valladolid.

This is a hilarious take on all of the pumpkin spice products out there. Which, #noshame, that I love. And as a sidenote, none of these exist in Germany.

Hope you all enjoy the weekend!


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