Foodstuff Friday

The past couple of weeks of work have been ca-razy with lots of late nights and early mornings…still. My poor little blog gets neglected as a resulted. Sorry guys.

But today is Foodstuff Friday! And boy, am I happy it’s Friday. Also, tonight is the opening night of the Christkindlmarkt in Nuremberg. The famous Christmas market. You can feel the excitement in the air! I didn’t go today but I will be going very shortly and may have multiple blog posts coming up about it. Oh and we got take have our first beer from our beer advent calendar. So much going on.


I love to make things from scratch to bring to parties/events but sometimes it is just not possible. This is an idea for when you are short on time but need to bring something to a party.

So I am obsessed with Eataly. I’ve talked about the Eataly empire on here before. Eatalys are a combination of Italian-themes restaurants, marketplace, cooking school, and store all in one. I’ve been to ones in Chicago, Munich, Boston, Florence, and New York City. But now Eataly World has opened up in Bologna, Italy which is Eataly on steroids and basically an Italian food theme park. Heaven. This is on my bucket list.

I got a 9/10 on this quiz so I’m a legit chef according to BuzzFeed. What did you get?

I love Ayesha Curry (Stephen Curry, the NBA player’s wife who is a chef on Foodnetwork) and she just came out with her own cookware line at Target. I think I mentioned it but I ordered one of the non-stick pans and had my mom ship it to me. My current non-stick pan was warped sooo this one works significantly better. I really like it so far and love the copper color inside, stainless steel on the outside.

Dreaming of our upcoming trip to Dubai and Tanzania and looking at these photos of beaches to tide me over (only 22 days!).


It also snowed here yesterday (like an inch, if that) but it was really pretty. And now it’s cold. Hello, winter.


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